Meeting Gaga

The day after the "The AMPYA Moment With Lady Gaga"-ARTPOP Listening Party, i was at the hotel in Berlin where Gaga stayed during her visit for the ARTPOP Listening Party. Shw came out of her hotel, signed my Born This Way iPhone case and gave me the pen she used to gave autographes for the fans

Again a very very big THANK YOU to Universal Music for inviting me to the most amazing days in my life !!! Please visit and for more infos and releases from Germany 

- The Ampya Moment With Lady Gaga -

Yesterday was the day of the days. I went to Berlin to see Gaga and hear the complete album ARTPOP.

I didn't win a competetion in the internet so i was quite sad that i can't see Gaga in my home country.
I was shocked when when Universal Music called me on tuesday evening to invite me to attend the event.

So i went to the Berghain Club in Berlin (Gaga wrote Bad Romance und Schei├če after visiting the Club several times in the past).
There were already a few people waiting outside the giant building.
At about 7:30 pm we went in they had two stands. In one of them they checked if you were a competition winner or invited by Ampya or Universal Music.
I said my name and got my wristband together with "Bon's" which are for people from the media to get free drinks and food.
I didn't use them all since there is the album cover on it (i will upload pictures later).

On the other stand they checked us and we had to give all electronic things into envelopes.

The club itself was amazing. There were Inez and Vinoodh outtakes all over the walls in the entry.
We went upstairs and there was this "big" stage together with a tiny stage.

I stand frontrow at the beginning. They had some screens showing the livestream so we saw which VIP's attended like Michael Michalski, Sara Nuru and some other german VIP's.
They stand together with the us fans in the club.
When we saw Gaga with the Alejandro like wig and the mustache the club went crazy.

Gaga came on stage and said "You will hear ARTPOP from track 1 to 15" - "Play".

Aura: Amazing in a club. The vocals were the same as the lyric video but a bit smoother and not that cutted.

Venus: Gaga came to the small stage during Venus so i was about 0,5 meters away from her. In middle Gaga saw me and hold her camera directly in my face and gave me her left arm to hold it. It was incredible.
Venus is an amazing song. The chorus is catchy and everytime the lyric Venus came on Gaga hold her hands up like a V.

G.U.Y. : OMG, how good is that song ?
The song does sound so different to parts of tge snippets it fits so good.

Sexxx Dreams: Well, wow. The vocals are strong and thise synths are amazing. During tge chorus Gaga added some lyrics which they layed over the ones we alreasy know.

Jewels N' Drugs: Gagas parts were so much better in clear. The DJ White Shadow part isn't there so when you sing "Dj White Shadow" there is already another part.

MANiCURE: The voice of Gaga is nearly the same as for ARTPOP. The leaks from about 2-3 weeks ago are official the studio version. There are also new lyrics in it. Very good song !

Do What U Want: Tara,Freddy, Lacee and Perry came on stage to dance with Gaga.

ARTPOP: Incredible feeling in the room. There are no "hee hee" in the studio version. Since the part "Free my mind ARTPOP" isn't at the beginning it was moved to the end of the amazing song.

Swine: Also here, the leaks from yesterday are the official version! Amazing synths and heavy beats.

Donatella: Tara danced so hard during Donatella, haha. Its a very catchy song. Heavy beats and electronical synths are making this song amazing.

Fashion!: Well to be honest - Fashion! is not really my favorite but maybe it has just to grow on me.

Mary Jane Holland: Very good song. The bass was so hard in the club that i nearly didn't hear any lyrics. The instrumental is catchy and good for Clubs.

DOPE: First - the vocals are nearly totally different to "I wanna be with you" but the structure is the same. Gaga sat down, sang along and started crying. After that i saw that Tara was crying so hard that all Haus members came to hug her including Gaga.

Gypsy: You may heard the akustic version but the studio versions is AMAZING. "Bye bye my gypsy gypsy gypsy life!" Its a very good song and i can't get it out of my head.

Applause: During Applause Gaga left the stage to eat and drink something before the Q and A.

After the Q and A and the Gypsy performance we went downstairs where we got goodie bags (Bag, official T-Shirt (Applause one and the promo pic one which will be released on the 8/11 november on her store), album cover stickers, a button, a card and a big poster for the event with the album cover on it.
For the goodie bags i will upload pictures later.

What should i say .... ARTPOP is Gagas best album!!!! Just a few days and we can hold the CD in our hands.

P.S. I hugged Freddy and Perry on the side of the stage and they were so nice

Thank you again Universal Music Germany for the invitation !


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