Born This Way Ball Tourbook 2012/2013

Page 1: Born This Way Lyrics
Page 2: Born This Way Single Cover
Page 3-6: Born This Way Video Still
Page 7: Born This Way The Remix Cover
Page 8: Born This Way The Collection Cover
Page 9-10: Born This Way Video Stills
Page 11: Judas Lyrics
Page 12: Judas Promo Cover Nick Knight
Page 13-16: Judas Video Stills
Page 17: Nick Knight Outtake (Black Jesus Amen Fashion)
Page 18: Nick Knight Outtake (The Queen)
Page 19: The Edge Of Glory Lyrics
Page 20: The Edge Of Glory Cover
Page 21-28: The Edge Of Glory Video Stills With Lyrics
Page 29: Hair Cover
Page 30: Nick Knight Outtake (Government Hooker)
Page 31: Yoü And I Lettering
Page 32: Yoü And I Cover With Lyrics
Page 33 -38: Yoü And I Video Stills Wuth Lyrics
Page 39: Nick Knight Outtake (Yoü And I)
Page 40: Nick Knight Outtake (Electric Chapel)
Page 41:Marry The Night Lettering
Page 42: Marry The Night Cover
Page 43-52: Marry The Night Video Stills With Lyrics
Page 53: Nick Knight Outtake (Fashion Of His Love)
Page 54: Nick Knight Outtake (Heavy Metal Lover)

Photography by Nick Knight
© 2012 Ate My Heart, Inc., Under License To Bravado


Stupid Love - France Promo