Born This Way 2 CD Set - Ltd. Tesco Slipcase Edition

Country:  United Kingdom
Release: 21.11.2011
Code: 602527896519 [00602527896519]
Contains: The Remix + Born This Way
Note: This limited 2 CD Set comes in a slipcase and was only available on Tesco stores for UK buyers.


Born This Way [0602527718385]
Marry The Night
Born This Way
Government Hooker
Bloody Mary
Bad Kids

Highway Unicorn (Road To Love)
Heavy Metal Lover
Electric Chapel
Yoü And I
The Edge Of Glory 

Born This Way [Jost & Naaf Remix] -  bonus track
The Remix [0602527870007]
Born This Way [Zedd Remix]
Judas [Goldfrapp Remix]
The Edge Of Glory [Foster The People Remix]
Yoü And I [Wild Beasts Remix]
Marry The Night [The Weeknd & Ilangelo Remix]
Black Jesus † Amen Fashio [Michael Woods Remix]
Bloody Mary [The Horrors Remix]
Scheiße [Guena LG Remix]
Americano [Gregory Klosman Remix]
Electric Chapel [Two Door Cinema Club Remix]
Yoü And I [Metronomy Remix]
Judas [Hurts Remix]
Born This Way [Twin Shadow Remix]
The Edge Of Glory [Sultan & Ned Shepard Remix]


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